Our Practice Area

Sectors we expertise in


Corporate legal support

Our legal service covers the wide-ranging corporate matters e.g. corporate transactions and representation, securities transactions, mergers &  acquisitions, joint ventures, regulatory & compliance issues etc. We understand the importance of our client’s business and thus we also advise efficiently on day-to-day basis regarding these matters. We believe our sincere service will lead our clients to their success in corporate sector.

Civil litigation

We provide comprehensive legal service to civil matters. Whether our client brings or defends a claim, starting from advising on the strengths and weaknesses of the case to all stages of litigation (i.e. pleading, pre-trial, trial, appeal, enforcement of the judgement) we expertly guide our clients through it all.


Criminal litigation

Criminal lawyers handle a wide variety of cases. Some concentrate on white collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement and insider trading. Others concentrate on criminal appeals or on capital defence, in which defendants are prosecuted for crimes punishable by the death penalty. From bail applications to grave criminal offences, our expert lawyers and barristers handle at all. In order to get our client justice and relief, our up to date legal resources help us to argue cases before any court or tribunal in Bangladesh. Moreover, our lawyers and barristers have been consistently conducting all types of criminal cases in Tribunals, Sessions Court, Magistrate Court and High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Tax, Vat, Customs

Taxation is an essential element regarding transactional advises. We provide innovative, effective and easy solutions regarding taxation. Our practice covers issues relating to income tax (e.g Opening e TIN, Filling TAX return, argue cases in Tax Appellate Commissioner or Appellate Tribunal), VAT and customs (e.g Opening VAT registration number, filling VAT return, Filling Writ petitions in the High Court Division). We also advise on taxation matters arising from international trade.

Foreign Investment

Foreign private investment means investment of foreign capital by a person who is not a citizen of Bangladesh or by a company incorporated outside but does not include investment by a foreign Government or an agency of foreign Government. Our expert team can provide the best advice about any issues relating with foreign investment. For example, investment planning, authorization, tax and many other issues which we can solve easily as our client’s wish.


Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle as permanent residents. For short term stays like tourists do not fall under the immigration or migration rule. In Bangladesh many of the people immigrate for various reason like unemployment, low living standard, lack of safety, poverty, education etc. we are here to give the best situation for them under immigration law. However, visa processing, documentation to immigrate for those reason we also help our client to reach their destination.


Charitable Organisation

Our legal service covers a diverse blend of legal matters relating to nonprofit and charitable organizations. We aim to provide legal services consistent with the philanthropic mission of our clients. Our approach will increase or create sources of funding, while maintaining tax-exempt status.

Intellectual Property

(Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Design)

We help our clients with IP related applications, take part in proceedings with or on behalf of them, conduct searches on their behalf. We also assist our clients with filing objections and passing off claims.